Sahara Shield

Sahara Shield is a product built to serve and meet the communication needs of professionals out in the field and non-professionals alike

What our customers say about us

My partner and I have always struggled with hearing each other when working in the field. Most times the wind gets in the way and information gets misunderstood. It has put us in difficult situations from time to time. Only recently, a friend recommended this product. I felt I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try with my partner. We were blown away how such a small device could make such a great difference in communication. I’ve never been so impressed with a product. Plus we also discovered this product is tough.

Shaun Jones


One thing I know, being an event manager can be stressful but regardless I love my job. I am very particular about smooth communication with my team because it affects our performance. I stumbled on Sahara Shield online and got a pair. After seeing how well it worked I bought more for my entire team. We won’t work without the Sahara Shield again.

Luis Comb

Event Manager

Radios and dust have never been a good combination until Sarah Shield. We work in the construction industry where sometimes your radio can get exposed to dust and dirt. Discovering this awesome item has helped my partners and I work better. Now everyone is less worried about the radio going bad because of exposure to dust.



I needed to improve the communication for my walkie-talkie and a friend in the security field mentioned this new product that was really helpful to their team. I took his word for it and purchased my Sahara Shield ASAP. I was more than happy with using this product and it is still working nicely.

Melissa Briggs